Tuesday, October 2, 2012

NH POL Requirements

NH POL Requirements

  • At least two classrooms (20 students)
  • Three poems memorized per student for state/national competition:
    • At least one must be 25 lines or less
    • At least one must be pre-20th Century
    • (One poem could fulfill the above two requirements)
  • Classroom champions compete for school championship
  • A Club may count as one class
  • Open to all- you are free to make adaptations to meet the needs of all students in classroom competitions.
  • Dates for high school finals any time prior to posted deadline. You must send us the dates for your competition (AND snow date!)to be posted on the NH POL webpage.
  • At your school championship event, you must recognize the NH State Council on the Arts- via printed programme or announced verbally
  • High school championship: 2 poems recommended- High School Champions and Alternate Champions MUST have 3 poems prepared for the semi finals and finals events.
    • Champions and Alternates must be prepared to represent their school at semi finals and finals events. You will have the dates/locations for semi finals by November- make sure your competitors are aware of the commitment. (All alternates are invited and encouraged to attend semi finals events. They will be invited up on stage for recognition and the same gift bag that the champions receive.)
    • High school champions and alternate must be U.S. citizens or permanent resident (green card)
    • We’ll be looking for alternate champions to recite as calibrators at semi finals events.
    • Looking for an international exchange student to recite as an exhibition at finals

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