Saturday, December 29, 2012

SNHU Merit Scholarships for 2013!

News Flash!
SNHU has just agreed to offer Merit Scholarships to NH POL School Champions and Alternate Champions!

Here's the deal (which is the same as was offered in 2011):

SNHU offers generous scholarships to POL school champions and alternate champions who choose to enroll at SNHU.Scholarship amounts are based on the student’s final high school academic GPA. Merit Scholarships range from $4000-$18,000 a year. Scholarships are renewable each year while enrolled at SNHU, provided students maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

New England College offers Scholarship!

NH POL is pleased to announce that New England College will be offering NH POL School Champions $20,000 scholarships, should the student choose to enroll at NEC. We thank NEC for their support for and belief in the program.

As far as we know New Hampshire is the only participating state that has included college scholarships as part of the program.
Originally initiated by Rodger Martin, NH POL Coordinator 2004-2011, the POL College Scholarship concept goals aimed:
1. To highlight the fact that the students participating and achieving places in the competition have highly desirable qualities that would become important assets for higher learning institutions.
2. To inspire high end NH students to stay in NH for college.
3. To demonstrate and give weight in a financial way, that an arts experience like this is a valuable element in high school learning. This helps our teachers pitch the program to their high school administrations and communities.
4. To celebrate the hard and effective work each student has completed.