Saturday, January 19, 2013

School Champion and Alternate Champion Info

Hello Teachers!

It's starting to roll! Schools are holding their championship events, so it's time to remind you all about the next steps...

First, as soon as possible after your event, please send a quick email with the names of your School Champion and Alternate Champion (runner up). We will post these on the NHSCA website- so please check the spelling of your students' names!

Next, you'll need to have BOTH students choose a 3rd poem (assuming most of you have your students learning 2 for your competition).

And third, you'll need to have BOTH students complete the Student Information form, in order for them to be eligible to represent your school at the Semifinals.
Here's where the form is located this year online:
POL Student Info Form 2013

The Form is also available as a downloadable, printable, mail or emailable form. I have sent it once to you via email, and will continue to send it as I check in with each of you after your competitions...
You can also email me to get it.
Posting it on the NHSCA POL page this week.

Looking forward to witnessing your students' presentations!

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