Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Scavenger Hunt worksheet

This is graciously shared by Kit Rodgers of Winnacunnet Hgh School:

Poetry Scavenger Hunt
Find a poem that…
                                                            Poem Title                                         Name of Poet
is argumentative
is twenty lines long
is playful
is in iambic pentameter
doesn’t rhyme
describes a person
has more than 4 stanzas
has fewer than 4 stanzas
is whimsical
is dark
is humorous
is by an American poet
is by a British poet
is by an African-American poet
is by a female poet
is by a Native-American poet
is about war
is about death
is reminiscing
is romantic
My first choice poem:
My second choice poem:
Please print out your first and second choice poems, staple them to this sheet, write your name on it, and give the whole packet to Ms. Smith.

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